Earth Story

Earth Story

The Elements

Part of gallery g’s Artists’ Initiative Program (AIP) early on, Bharti Prajapati has showcased her works through us over the years. Women and rural theme has been a constant in Prajapati’s paintings. The people, the lifestyle, the contrasts of the arid landscape with the vivid colours of her palette are breathtaking. Rustic backdrops and earthy tones in her paintings get combined with ethnic emotions, bringing about a subtle, yet distinct character in her expression.

In line with some of her previous collections titled One Tribe, Mother Earth, Colours of Sand, Desert Song, Prajapati’s Earth Story – The Elements – revolves around Panch Tattva or the five elements that are closely connected to us and the nature.

This collection is a collage of colours and forms constantly visible around us.

  • Artist: Bharti Prajapati
  • Exhibition dates: 08-Feb-2020 to 29-Feb-2020
  • Venue: gallery g
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