Mystical Strokes 2

Mystical Strokes 2

"Art whispers secrets from paper to paper, each stroke a story of light and colour. In every painting lies a seed, patiently waiting to bloom anew in the next masterpiece.”

V S Gaitonde’s mastery on paper is on display in a stellar mini exhibition that features three of his magnificent works of art from the 1960’ and 1970’s.

These three pieces, from an important private collection, mesmerize viewers with their otherworldly nature, spiraling thoughts and emotions to a sublime space and time.

Don’t miss this remarkable mini display at the Inner Gallery from the 2nd to the 15th of May 2024.

  • Artist: V. S. Gaitonde
  • Exhibition dates: 02-May-2024 to 15-May-2024
  • Venue: The Inner gallery, Gallery G