Bose Krishnamachari showcases his abstracts for the first time in Bengaluru


If colours could walk and talk, they would perhaps run and hug artist Bose Krishnamachari and shower him with words of affection. This isn’t an exaggeration by any means, considering how much Bose loves colours and uses them to create abstract paintings and patterns. One of the most unconventional artists in India, Bose showcases his works for the first time in Bengaluru this week. He returns to the exhibition circuit after a gap of four years (his last show was in Mumbai) with Colour Code.

Inspired by Mondrian

A collection of 11 works in four different sizes, they are all are from the Stretched Bodies series by Bose. Talking about the inspiration behind the series, Bose explains, “I read somebody’s story about Piet Mondrian’s work. In the story, someone visits Mondrian’s studio and asks him why he repeatedly paints one line, sometimes up to 100 times. Mondrian says he is trying to stretch the line. I really liked his idea of ‘stretching the line’. That’s what I imagined when I started this series.”

The 11 works at this show are perfect examples of Bose’s signature style—abstracts in vibrant colours that are open to interpretation. While some may decipher his paintings as nature-inspired, others might prefer the theory of abstraction. Though Bose has been busy with the Kochi Biennale Foundation since 2010, he has managed to give equal time to his current series.

“My works in Stretched Bodies are such that they need to be finished quickly. They’re done in acrylic and I can’t paint gradually, layer upon layer, like I would with oils. I have to start and finish rapidly; I generally take a day to finish one work,” he says. Bose agreed to this show on request by Gitanjali Maini from Gallery G.

At Lavelle Road. July 15-21. Details: 22219275

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