explicit implicit

explicit implicit

For us at Gallery G, each show is special. Explicit/ Implicit is all the more so because it’s our first to also feature abstract art. In the five years of our existence, we’ve been mostly exploring all the various kinds of figurative art, but since we believe in trying to grow from show to show, we thought it time we added abstract art to the mix.

Also, our list of clients is growing larger, becoming more aware and correspondingly much more well-informed and thus, open to new experiences. Abstract art, because it’s non-representational, offers a challenge – what is the artist saying and what does he or she mean – that adds to our appreciation and understanding of it and that can also enhance the value of the work.

Explicit showcases Asit Sarkar with whom we’ve worked for some time now. Asit first showed with us in August ’04 and as his introduction to Bangalore, the response was encouragingly positive. In our Kolkata Kaleidoscope group show in ’06, featuring many of the City of Joy’s leading lights, he was the only one who sold out.

What his street scenes here share with the abstract work in this show are talent, intellect and emotion. How these are expressed is what gives Explicit/ Implicit its passion and underscores the investment potential of each work in it

  • Artist: Asit Sarkar
  • Exhibition dates: 18-Aug-2008 to 24-Aug-2008
  • Venue: gallery g
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