Floral Symphony

Floral Symphony

Gallery G

is delighted to invite you to a captivating art exhibition that celebrates the exquisite beauty and significance of flowers in our ecosystem.


A Celebration of Nature's Canvas

Shan Re's work is a mesmerising exploration of the role that flowers play in preserving and nurturing our planet’s delicate balance.

Romicon Revola’s sculptures, inspired by her visionary personas ‘Trilokini and Maya’, will be showcased at the exhibition.

This unique event offers a chance to experience the art of a mother-daughter duo.

Having collaborated extensively with Gallery G Projects, both artists have crafted a special place in its legacy.

It is our privilege to now host an exhibition they’ve personally conceptualised. After their unwavering support for all our projects over the years, it’s our turn to stand firmly behind them.

  • Artist: Shan Re & Romicon Revola
  • Exhibition dates: 15-Sep-2023 to 30-Sep-2023
  • Venue: The Atrium, Gallery G
  • Brochure: View