Heaven Sent

Heaven Sent

A new collection of hand-painted works on brass

Exceptional Skill & Precision

With experimentation being a constant in the art scene, artists are always dabbling in varied mediums. Dinesh Magar’s exquisite range of brass paintings also look dapper with original Swarovski elements adorning them.

The paintings are characterised by vibrant colours, fine lines and intricate detailing on brass. The clarity and accuracy of lines and flawless demarcation of compositional elements highlight exceptional skill and precision.

The process of creating the paintings, right from the beginning to the end product is interesting but tedious. The paintings on brass involve transferring, then etching contemporary and traditional subjects on brass sheets.

A multi-stage process, it requires remarkable dexterity to ensure that colours are separated during application, and remain distinct. The paints that are used are special stoving enamels which are mixed to achieve the desired colours. The etching and colouring is done manually.

On the completion of colouring, plates are transferred to industrial ovens at temperatures between 180-250 degrees centigrade to ensure permanent fixing of colours.

Once the firing is completed, the painting is scrubbed, lacquered and buffed for shine and lustre. The process takes 30 stages to complete. The painting can be treated with gold, silver and copper plating to achieve various finishes.

With an exclusive tie-up with Swarovski elements, the embellished brass etching is a handcrafted work of art that comes with a lifetime guarantee.

  • Artist: Dinesh Magar
  • Exhibition dates: 14-Sep-2020 to 30-Sep-2020
  • Venue: gallery g
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