Mystical Strokes

Mystical Strokes

“A painting is simply a painting —
a play of light and colour.
Every painting is a seed which
germinates in the next painting.”

V S Gaitonde’s brilliant legacy is showcased in an exquisite exhibition featuring ten of his finest paper works from the 1960's and 1970's.
These rare pieces, on loan from an esteemed private collector, captivate with their depth and beauty.

Don’t miss this remarkable display at Gallery G in the Atrium from 14th July 28th to 5th August, 2023.

On display here are also some works that are currently under restoration.

  • Artist: V. S. Gaitonde
  • Exhibition dates: 14-Jul-2023 to 05-Aug-2023
  • Venue: The Atrium, Gallery G
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