Sattva Svadha. Canvas Thali.

Sattva Svadha. Canvas Thali.

Om Swami’s work is always very popular
at gallery g. It sold very well at our shows in
San Francisco and Houston last year.

This new collection he calls the Sadhak series
portrays taste:
the flavours of the sattvik diet, calming and nourishing to mind, body and emotions.

The strong imagery here might seem to contradict that, but sattva embraces extremes.
As always, Swami’s faces
are without eyes, so that form and theme will find other means of expression.

This show coincides with Bangalore Habba
in timing and theme: it’s also on at our Vivanta by Taj space at the ITPB at the same time, so that Bangalore Habba reaches as many art lovers as it can.

  • Artist: Om Swami
  • Exhibition dates: 11-Dec-2009 to 19-Dec-2009
  • Venue: gallery g & Vivanta by Taj
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