Split & Share

Split & Share

The Hybrid Show

The world is changing fast around us and it is imperative that we remain relevant and abreast of new technologies and systems that have now become a way of life.

Split & Share, a title far removed from art, but extremely relevant to the manner in which this show is being conducted, is gallery g’s first ever ‘hybrid’ exhibition. In an age where geographical boundaries have evaporated, thanks to new and fascinating technological platforms, we have adopted a new method of display - partly physical and partly virtual.

Having artwork on display is a wonderful thing; it allows our patrons and friends to walk in, see, touch, feel, appreciate, come back again if they so desire and then buy. However, we have often noticed the challenge in being able to bring works from certain artists to Bengaluru before, simply because of its own challenges.

This new ‘hybrid’ form of exhibiting has solved that problem for us. Also, should an artist be unable to send us his or her work, for whatever the reason may be, we would henceforth encourage them to send us images of their work for us to display virtually.

Our guests can now enjoy viewing works through our online display platform and should an artwork interest them we will arrange to bring down the same from the artist’s studio.

Today where virtual meetings have become the new norm, this part virtual exhibition, we feel, will be very well received.

So sit back and browse, see in person, think and ponder, but do enjoy our very first ‘hybrid’ show titled Split & Share.

Displayed here are K S Radhakrishnan's works. The brochure has details of the entire collections of Sunita Lamba and Tarun Maity that are available at the gallery.

  • Artist: KS Radhakrishnan, Sunita Lamba & Tarun Maity
  • Exhibition dates: 27-Jul-2020 to 15-Aug-2020
  • Venue: gallery g & online
  • Brochure: View