Mosaic of Modernity

A group show comprising eight talented artists of different genres and diverse mediums.

15th July - 15th August 2024

Your Art Resource

Extensive and well-proportioned, Gallery G works as an intimate viewing space for the serious collector and investor as well as a larger venue for exhibitions and related events.

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Mystical Strokes 2


A stellar mini exhibition that features
three of his magnificent works on paper from the 1960’ and 1970’s.

2nd - 15th May 2024

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The Masters & The Modern

26th February - 15th May 2024

Our 21st Anniversary show with an unparalleled collection from the luminaries of Indian art that spans decades, echoing the evolving narratives of culture, identity and expression.

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Floral Symphony


A captivating art exhibition that celebrates
the exquisite beauty and significance of flowers in our ecosystem.

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The Kingdom of Tigers

As a postmodernist artist, Anup Kumar Chand explores the interplay between different artistic genres and reflects on both the inner and outer world through his paintings.

19th June - 3rd July 2023

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What We Do

We are an art resource providing informed access to the best art and consultancy services for Collectors,Investors,Architects,Interior Designers.

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Curating and AcquisitionCurating Paintings, sculptures – and previews. Our shows often begin with the artists in attendance and a brief cultural or entertainment programme themed to the show’s concept. Apart from contemporary art, we also source antiquities and rare heritage pieces. We also curate modern and technology-based media such as light installations: either artworks generating or created by light and colour, whether temporary or permanent, site-specific, fixed or movable.

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External CuratingCurating artworks for public spaces expands the scope and the ways artists and art-lovers can connect. Museums apart, the possibilities that a corporate lobby, a hotel garden, a mall atrium, or an airport terminal offer are tremendous: besides, art has proved to positively impact atmosphere and mood in places like hospital waiting rooms. Curating for public spaces brings all sorts of art and all sorts of audiences together, promoting accessibility and awareness, fostering art in the community it serves.

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Authentication, Valuation, Restoration & PreservationEvery painting is properly authenticated and we call on the services of historians and scholars. Aesthetic considerations aside, estimating an artwork’s market value is a key part of our service suite. Gallery G is a certified valuer and we compile data from peer galleries, fellow curators and consultants, auction houses, collectors and allied market sources to help you make the most informed decisions. You can be assured that it stays in the best possible condition with the assistance of our restorers and preservation experts.

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About Us

Gallery G was started in 2003 by Gitanjali Maini with the idea that art had to be for everybody: it had to be as accessible as much as it had to have value. Above all, it had to appeal, to please, even to challenge.

Innovative, inclusive and prolific, Gallery G exemplifies the contemporary global Indian art gallery, centrally located in a global destination, Bangalore. We are an art resource providing informed access to the best art and consultancy services for collectors, investors, architects and interior designers.

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Our Theme

Change is the biggest constant and realising fully well the changing needs of the art world, Gallery G, in its 18th year, has set a running theme – Ikigai – for the next two years.

What is Ikigai, and why is it important to us? There are many who know about it but to those who are unaware, Ikigai is a Japanese concept that essentially means “reason for being.” Pronounced (Ick-ee-guy), it is composed of two words: Iki, which means life and Gai which comes from the word Kai, meaning shell in Japanese, which is deemed highly valuable. Derived from there, ikigai means “value in living.”

The Japanese believe everyone has an Ikigai. There is no direct English translation, but it’s a term that embodies the idea of happiness in living. Essentially, ikigai is the reason why you get up in the morning. At Gallery G, the reason why we have embraced Ikigai as the theme from 2020 is the “reason for our being” as we approach our 20th year of inception in 2023.

The Ikigai theme will reflect in everything that we do over the next 24 months, in our interactive sessions, artist notes, foundation programs and will filter down to even the colours that we have primarily chosen as part of the recurring theme.


Paintings, sculptures – and previews. Our shows often begin with the artists in show present and often a brief cultural or entertainment programme themed to the show’s concept. This has become our signature. Here are some comments from our guests, visitors and well-wishers.

Art for the love of it

It has been a rare pleasure to deal with Gallery G. I had lent them a very old Gaitonde to put up for a brief display of Old Masters. The painting, from my Father-in-law's awesome collection, was dated 1966 and was done by pen on paper, which had yellowed due to age and was probably crumbling. While conscious of its value, my husband and I did not know what could be done about the discolouration, or if anything could be done at all.

That is when Gallery G's very professional and knowledgeable team volunteered to send it off to an expert in Delhi, who worked wonders with the background without in any way damaging the painting. As if that was not enough, Gallery G got it suitably reframed entirely at their own cost. All this was done with a generosity of spirit and a deep love for art and artists. This is something I see year after year in all their shows of new discoveries and the unstinting effort put into the revival of the Supreme Maestro, Raja Ravi Varma's work from near obscurity.

The Sandeep and Gitanjali Maini Foundation, under the separate auspices from The Raja Ravi Varma Foundation, has also contributed to this remarkable endeavour. It must, I think, be a thankless, non-paying effort if you see the monies spent, but an entirely satisfying effort to successfully reintroduce Raja Ravi Varma's genius to a generation of Indians who buy art because it matches the color of their sofa.

But for their continuing efforts, an entire generation of young Indians would perhaps never have known of this near-forgotten genius buried in the dusty chambers of history.

In a world where the crude commercialisation of art takes away from its spontaneity and sanctity, here is this core team of very professional people led by the understated, soft-spoken Gitanjali Maini, who go the long mile to preserve and represent an old master entirely of their own volition and at their own cost. I am sure V.S. Gaitonde is most grateful to Gallery G way up in the Valhalla of Artists. As am I and my husband.

Sadiqa Peerbhoy August 2023

What an elegant space and warm hosts! Wonderful and aesthetic space. Very amicable hosts and environment.

Anupam Shah

Motherhood - Salman Khan

Ethereal, surreal depiction of motherhood. Thank you for showcasing Salman Khan's works and keeping it entry free.

Dr. Anuradha Bhatia

Kinnal Artisan

I wish to specially place on record Ms. Gitanjali Maini's gracious act of putting us up at Bangalore and extending all facilities to our artists during their stay in uncertain times of Covid. People like Mrs. Maini and her gallery g are a huge encouragement and motivation for traditional artists like us. We wish them all the best and hope it goes from strength to strength in the promotion of art and culture.
We sincerely thank gallery g for all the support.

Santoshkumar Chitragar Kinnal Artisan, Chitragar colony,
Kinnal village, Koppal

For galleries and artists across the world the pandemic continues to provide nothing but uncertainties. There are very few physical art shows happening even as we have completed an year of learning to live with the new normal. In these difficult times one cannot but congratulate Gallery G for organising a show and thereby supporting art and artists. I would also like to thank them for selling the work to some wonderful collectors who chose to support the cause of art. I wish all the best for people behind gallery g.

Bara Bhaskaran

My experience with gallery g has been truly delightful. I thank Gallery G for organising the show during these trying times.

Gallery G has also extended their support amidst Covid by selling my work to some esteemed art collectors.

Wishing all the luck to the gallery and team.

Bhagyanath C Artist

It’s been inspiring to be associated with gallery g - a cultural catalyst of the tech city with a philanthropic spirit. As an art patron, their support for young artists and their association with the legacy of Raja Ravi Varma has translated into many unique projects. More power to you as the journey is special!!

Riyas Komu Artist & Curator

Gallery G was the first art gallery I stepped into...and was immediately filled with a sense of peace. I’ve been going there for more than three years now, the art on display is just awesome, added to which the staff are extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They have immense patience in answering all your queries (even if you are grossly ignorant of something obvious).

Prices are reasonable and negotiable most of the time, their packing of artworks, delivery and installation leaves no room for complaint. And the most important thing about the gallery is their "buyback" option” which is hard to come by in other places. This gives a sense of security to the buyer. All in all a gallery to be associated with for a lifetime.

Sujatha Bandi Jaydeva

This is regarding the painting Rani of Attingal by Rukmini Varma which I purchased from Gallery G at the Opulence & Eternity show by the artist in January 2017. Though I did not intend to buy a painting at the show I was attracted to this painting and ended up purchasing it.

When I voiced to you that I had a change of heart, I truly appreciated the generosity of Gallery G to buy back the painting. I was thinking that cash in hand was a necessary option at this time of the Covid menace. Yes, I was fully informed by Gitanjali Maini that the artist was fully paid without the gallery taking any commission on it. Though I had misplaced the documents pertaining to the painting, you were kind enough to overlook this!!

You have transferred the full artwork amount to my bank in August 2020. It feels good to be your client and I am really touched by your largesse Gitanjali!!

With gratitude,

Shilu Mathew

Split & Share

I would just like to place on record my deep sense of appreciation and gratitude for organising the Split & Share exhibition, at Gallery G during the time of Pandemic.

Your adoption of new norms to reach out to clients is unique. This sort of support to artists for displaying their creations is very encouraging.

I would also like to thank you for arranging the entire logistics of transporting my artwork. I am sure more artists would benefit from Gallery G. I wish Gallery G all success in their art endeavours.

Sunita Lamba Sculptor & Artist


I deeply appreciate you hosting my show amidst Covid. This demonstrates Gallery G’s underlaying principle to support artists even during tough times.

The credentials of Gallery G is further enhanced by selling my works to some of the moist esteemed art collectors. My sincere wishes and "may Gallery G grow from strength to strength."

P K Sadanandan Artist

Artists' Initiative Program

After an advertising career spanning a decade and half, when I took my first painting “In Search of the Buddha” to Gallery G, Gitanjali Maini not only appreciated my work but also ensured a solo show, back in Jan 2008. Without doubt, Gallery G gave birth to the artist in me.

In November 2019 when I received an invitation for the XII Florence Biennale, Gitanjali came forward this time through the Sandeep & Gitanjali Maini Foundation to support me. If I proudly flaunt the Lorenzo il Magnifico award from Florence it is because of Gallery G’s support in my every step.

Sangeeta Abhay Artist

Artists' Initiative Program

Gitanjali Maini is an intrinsic part of my art journey since 1994 when she first visited my exhibition. The bonding from then to this date is a close and beautiful one. I’m honoured to be a part of Gallery G which hosted their first show with my paintings. It’s indeed a pride that many of my paintings are in some beautiful interiors due to Gita’s consistent efforts and dedication towards encouraging art and artists.

Bharti Prajapati Artist

Opulence & Eternity

Thanks for inviting us. We thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition and hospitality. Keep in touch.

Sudha Murthy Infosys Foundation

Second Spring

An amazing artist with eye for detail and fantastic range of paintings to choose from... Splendid!!

Mani Ratnam Film-maker & Director